21 June 2012

Summer Comes, and It Feels It

Last Saturday (16 June), I was at Grasso Plaza in Affton for two hours in the early afternoon. I and another volunteer were out to register voters in advance of the primary election on 7 August. My partner signed up two voters, but I did not. To be fair, we had little foot traffic where we were, due to the heat. (Two volunteers working earlier in the day signed up seven voters.) At least I helped do my own small part for good citizenship.

The next night, I was in Dellwood to referee men's indoor soccer at the Dellwood Arena. I haven't refereed indoor (walled) soccer in a few years, but at least my partner was a veteran of these games and gave me a run down of the rules. We had three games scheduled, but only two were played. The arena isn't air conditioned, so it got rather hot and humid. Fortunately, there wasn't much running for us referees. (For the players, it was different.) Also, it's rather informal, and we had no real problems with players.

Monday afternooon (18 June), I took my Corolla in for service at Weiss Toyota Scion, where I bought the car in February. They gave it a good inspection (per usual), and they changed the oil, rotated the tires, and changed the cabin air filter. The oil change part was on them, thanks for a letter they gave me when I bought the Corolla. The service technician said my car's running great. He recommended some air conditioning service, but I wasn't ready to pay $80 more for that at this time. (It's not urgent service.)

At Calvary Presbyterian Church on Tuesday night, I set up the fellowship hall for the IPMS/Gateway meeting. We had a fine meeting, with a good turnout of models for the Model of the Month "beauty contest," plus Chris Merseal's demo on using pigments to weather models. I presented a slide show of the IPMS/USA Region 5 Convention last month, projected onto the screen off my computer. Afterward, I cleaned and rearranged the furniture in the hall before locking it up for the night.

Last night, I was working a phone bank in Affton for Scott Sifton, who's running for State Senate. I made over 75 calls in about 1 1/2 hours, contacting residents to get a feel for Sifton's level of support in advance of the primary in August. I'll be doing the phone bank once a week for a few weeks prior to the primary.

Dad's still working to get upper body strength back, but otherwise he's OK.


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