05 July 2012

A Scorcher of a Start to July 2012

I've spent as much time as possible indoors these past few days, with temperatures outside topping 100 degrees F (38 degrees C) during that time. It has been as hot as 106 F, but it should go down to the comparatively balmy mid-90s on Sunday.

Last Saturday afternoon (30 June) found me indoors, helping staff a phone bank for state senate candidate Scott Sifton's campaign. I made about 125 calls in three hours, with many that I called hanging up when I called, but I did talk to some voters about Sifton. The primary election on 7 August is one month away, so there's plenty to do until then, but I feel confident that Sifton will win his primary. (For more on Sifton and his campaign, please visit www.scottsifton.com.)

Saturday night found me at the Pool House in Creve Coeur, Missouri for the St. Louis Transplants party. This group is for people who moved into Metro St. Louis from out of town or St. Louisans who'd like to help these transplants better know our area. There was a very nice group there--about 50 people, I'd guess--and I really enjoyed meeting and talking with several of them that night. This was my first event with St. Louis Transplants, and it won't be my last.

I got some work done on two aircraft models I'm hoping to finish in time for the IPMS/Gateway meeting on Tue., 17 July. One of them is a Pegasus 1:48 scale Bf 109G-6 that I'm building for the club's Same Kit Contest. The other is a Smer 1:72 D.520. Now, I have most of the exterior paint done, with touch ups to follow in the next day or two, followed by decals. I should have photos of those models posted here in due course.

Speaking of models, I ran the IPMS/St. Louis meeting last Tuesday night (3 July). It was a short meeting--I didn't feel like we should stay that long on such a hot night--but we did discuss options for electing club officers and for our club's web presence. To be continued.

Despite the heat, I had a fine Independence Day holiday on Wednesday (4 July). That morning, I was in Webster Groves to march with Scott Sifton at the parade through the city. There were about 15-20 of us that accompanied Sifton through the 2-mile parade route from Webster Groves High School to Memorial Park. Once we got going, it wasn't so bad getting through the heat. Afterward, I went to a party at a nearby house with Sifton and other politicians and candidates. After that, I just relaxed at home. I just wasn't in the mood for much else.

Dad's doing OK. The therapist made her final visit here to check up on him and to lead him in some exercises. Slowly but surely, Dad's making progress.


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