27 July 2012

Still Hot Outside

For the better part of the past two weeks, temperatures here have reached 100 degrees F (40 degrees C) or higher. I've tried to stay inside as much as possible. Looks like it will get a bit cooler soon, so that's nice. We can really use some rain here--it's been real dry.

I was indoors last Saturday afternoon (21 July) at the Scott Sifton campaign office, making calls to voters for about three hours. I also did so the following Wednesday (25 July). The primary election is coming up real fast--Tuesday, 7 August. The Sifton campaign's feeling good, though, and so am I.

Sunday afternoon (22 July) found me at DeSoto Park officiating Latin American Soccer League men's matches. Both went pretty well, although the considerable bare patches on the pitch threw up quite a bit of dust. I was able to stay well hydrated throughout the day, and had no ill effects, despite the hot weather.

Early in the week, I got some editing done for Naturally Autistic magazine's next issue, which should come out this fall.

Last Tuesday morning (24 July) found me at the St. Patrick Center for the weekly GO! Network workshop, which featured a speaker who's written about people out of work in recent years. That was quite interesting. That night, I was at the IPMS/Gateway business meeting, hosted by Marion Morris, in which the August meetings were planned and other club business was discussed.

Last night, I was at the conference room at Husch Blackwell in Clayton for the Missouri Aviation Historical Society's monthly meeting. The program celebrated the 40th anniversary of the F-15 Eagle's first flight, with film, displays, and the presence of several people involved in the project, including the pilot of that first F-15 flight. Before that meeting (which had a very nice turnout), the Lambert Airport History Project met to discuss progress on this book. I had a few questions regarding my role, which I felt were answered as best as could be for now.

I was camped in front of the TV on Wednesday and Thursday watching the women's and men's soccer soccer competition at the London Olympics get underway. Looking forward to these games, which official begin today with the Opening Ceremony.


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