10 September 2012

Labor Day, Labors and the Show in Eureka

Wow, it's been a long time since my last post here. I've been meaning to do something sooner, but just didn't get to it until now. Here's my best effort to catch up:

Thursday, 30 August, I canvassed in west St. Louis County for Sen. Claire McCaskill's campaign in the afternoon, then went to Creve Coeur Airport for the monthly Missouri Aviation Historical Society meeting. I also sold trophy sponsorships for the IPMS/Gateway to the West Invitational to two area hobby shops. (More on that show later.) Saturday afternoon (1 Sept.), I co-hosted the monthly Writer's Block program from Naturally Autistic Radio. I was to have refereed youth tournament soccer that Labor Day Weekend, but wet weather that Friday and anticipated for that weekend caused it to be cancelled. A disappointment, for sure. I did wish Brian and Gretchen a happy wedding anniversary that Sunday (2 Sept.), and did the same for Rick and Melissa two days later.

I ran the IPMS/St. Louis meeting on Tuesday (4 Sept.), in which we had a pretty good turnout of attendees. The next day, I received a call from the marketing agency Switch, inviting me in for an interview for a part-time brand ambassador position I applied for early in August. I was back canvassing for McCaskill on Thursday afternoon, then prepared for the interview.

Friday morning (7 Sept.), I arrived at Switch to fill out paperwork, then a brief interview. I had the job, along with some others who applied for the post, and was told the job's particulars. I'll attend a two-day training session the last week of September, then the job runs for two months from the beginning of October. Should be good to get some work experience, some money in, and try out some more skills. That night, I went to Hitters Choice Cages in Eureka to help set up the IPMS/Gateway Invitational for the next day.

Up early Saturday morning, I went to Hitters Choice Cages for the show. I helped with show admission during the morning, and helped judge the model contest that afternoon. Overall, it was a great show: good turnout of attendees, vendors, and models. I stayed for an hour after the show to help take down the tables. I came away with a tired, but happy feeling after the good show we in IPMS/Gateway put on that day. After changing at home, I drove to the Soccer Park in Fenton to watch St. Louis Scott Gallagher Under-18 Boys Academy team play the US Under-17 Boys National Team. The US came from a 2-nil deficit to win 3-2, getting the deciding goal two minutes from time.

The next morning, I was back at the Soccer Park, this time to referee under 14 girls' games. I had the middle on the first game in the three-game set, and they went well. Then, I drove up to Charles Forrester Park in Vinita Park for the IPMS/Gateway picnic. It was nice socializing with fellow club members and their significant others.

Caught up now, I believe. I should have another entry later this week to stay on schedule. Later.

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