06 December 2012

Strangely Warm for the Start of December

Rick, Melissa and Alex headed back home Friday (30 Nov.) after spending Thanksgiving with us. They had a real fine time here, and we (my parents and I) really enjoyed their presence for Thanksgiving. The next day (1 Dec.) was sunny and surprisingly warm (temperatures hitting the low 70s F). I drove up to GameTime Sports in St. Peters late that morning for my first futsal refereeing of the 2012-13 season. A scheduling mixup delayed my games by over 30 minutes, but my partner and I got our three games in pretty well. The first match (these were under 14 boys) was rather contentious, but the other two went much calmer.

After my games, I drove to the University City Library for the initial meeting of the STL Aspies Meetup group. There were seven of us there, just getting acquainted. Most of us then went to Fitz's a couple of blocks away for dinner. That was most enjoyable; it was also my first time at Fitz's.

Up early the next morning (Sun., 2 Dec.), I was running lines on two Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) girls matches at the Soccer Park. It was unseasonably warm, getting to about 75 degrees F (24 degrees C) by the time the last game ended. These games went well.

Monday afternoon saw me meet my job search counselor at MERS Goodwill, and we discussed some firms I should look at for part time work. I was supposed to be on that night's Naturally Autistic Radio show, but the host emailed me that afternoon to say my time was moved up an hour from what I was slotted to be on when I agreed to this interview two weeks ago. I could not change plans that quickly and did not do the interview.

At the GO! Network workshop the next morning (4 Dec.), I took in a speaker's program on how to generate a strong, positive first impression. It was quite nice. That night, I was at the Thornhill Branch Library for the IPMS/St. Louis meeting. Before this meeting, I and several others in the club put models into the library's lobby display case, where they will be for the rest of December.

Back at MERS Goodwill Wednesday morning for a job readiness training session, I heard about illegal interview questions and how to deal with them. I also started to apply to some part time jobs. This afternoon, I was contacted by one of those firms, wanting to call me for a screening interview. That will take placed tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. Wish me luck!

Back to scale modeling, I've been working on a kit recently: Monogram's 1:48 scale Mosquito. I'm doing this as a B Mk IV bomber, out of the box. I should have this done by the February 2013 IPMS/Gateway meeting, with its Out of the Box contest.


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