28 March 2013

After the Snow, Spring (I Hope)

After the big snowfall last Sunday (24 Mar.)--approximately 12 inches (30.5 cm) fell--it was an interesting start to the work week. I was at the auto rental firm branch early on Monday helping remove snow from the vehicles' windows and dealing with a reduced maneuvering space on our lot due to the snow piles. It was most hectic in business to start that day, but we got through it fine. I also worked Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and having a better time of things as the snow melted.(Is spring really here?) Also on Wednesday, I received my 90-day review from my supervisor and it was very positive. My reliability, hard work, sociability with colleagues, and customer service were cited. Just a bit to work on improving in traffic management, but they are most happy to have me, as I as most happy to be there.

I was in north St. Louis County last night (27 Mar.) for a get together of the Sex Positive St. Louis Meetup, where there was a demonstration of kinky sex items and techniques. I didn't have much interest in this, so I left after about an hour.

I was off work today, and spent some of that time getting my computer tuned up. The technician at Office Depot added memory to my computer, giving it double the previous memory, which is already helping it run faster. Also, he got rid of a few old files, so this computer should be running much smoother from now on.

Back to work tomorrow morning, and I have games on Saturday afternoon-evening. Plus, Easter this Sunday.


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