28 April 2013

Off the Mobile Grid (For a Few Days)

A week ago Saturday (20 May), after working that morning at the car rental branch, I refereed youth soccer that night at the Soccer Park. I was on the lines for two Midwest Development League boys matches, which went well. The next day, I worked three league matches at the Soccer Park. My middle was in an under 15 boys match which got a bit interesting (I had to issue four yellow cards), but ended well.

Work this past week was good at the car rental branch; however, while cleaning a vehicle early last Tuesday morning (23 April), I misplaced by cell phone. It was later found by a customer, whose vehicle my phone fell into. I got my phone back last Friday afternoon (26 April), to my considerable relief. (I contacted the cell phone provider last Wednesday to suspend phone service, then reactivated it on Friday afternoon after I got it back.)

Last Wednesday night (24 April) found me at tom Bogacki's house in south St. Louis for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. Normally we meet on the fourth Tuesdays to discuss business; however, one of our officers (now an Arnold City Councilman) has a Arnold city meeting on those Tuesdays, so we're moving the business meetings to accommodate him. We got the May meeting planned and other club business discussed.

Last Thursday night (25 April), after work, I volunteered as a cashier on the first day of the 64th annual Greater St. Louis Book Fair, held in the Macy's garage at West County Center. Thousands of donated used books, records, videos, maps, and sheet music were for sale, with proceeds benefitting area literacy and nursery programs. The first night was a preview night, in which people paid $10 to get first dibs. The rest of this fair (which ended today) was free to attend. I was a cashier Thursday night and was kept busy by the crowds. Although I had to get a supervisor to help a few times when I pressed the wrong key on the register, the night went well overall. Last night, I was a volunteer in the information desk, although I had light traffic there. This was my second year as a volunteer (I worked this event last year), and was really glad to do it.

Last Friday (26 April)--before I got my phone back--I got the oil changed on my Corolla and got my eyes checked by the optometrist. Then, I ordered new glasses, which I should get within the next two weeks.


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