05 June 2013

Busy at Work, and Getting Together with Other Aspies

The week of 27 May was a busy one for me at work. The auto rental branch was closed on that Memorial Day (27 May), then I was working all four weekdays that followed (full days that Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the first half of the day on Thursday), plus Saturday morning. Plenty of business for us that week, and this week so far. This past Monday (3 June) was a very busy one, as was the following morning, before it eased up yesterday afternoon. I'm back in on Friday.

Besides work, there was the IPMS/Gateway business meeting on 29 May, at CRM Hobbies in south St. Louis. We crowded around a table in the lobby to plan the June general and business meetings and discuss other club business. This past Monday, I ran the IPMS/St. Louis meeting at Thornhill Branch Library. Only one other member showed up. We met on Monday rather than the standard Tuesday as the meeting room wasn't available to us on Tuesday, which cut into the crowd.

Last Saturday afternoon (1 June), I was at the County Library Headquarters in Frontenac to attend the STL Aspies Meetup. There were about 16 of us, all diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, getting together and getting to know each other. It was my first time with this group since last December. (They had a couple of meetups in the meantime, but I wasn't able to make those.) After the meeting, many of us went to the nearby Panera Bread Co. for dinner. There, I chatted with the Meetup's organizer, who suggested I look into doing monthly podcasts talking with fellow Aspies and therapists. I said I was interested and he promised to get info to me.


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