07 September 2013

Getting Through a Hot Labor Day Weekend on the Pitch

Last weekend was a hot one, with temperatures going up into the 90s F, and the heat indices (heat plus humidity) up towards 100 degrees F. Not a good one to be outside, yet I was. Last Saturday (31 Aug.), I worked that morning at the car rental place, getting vehicles prepped for rental and taking customers to and from our branch. After a brief stop at home after work, I was at the SLYSA Complex in St. Charles for my first three game assignments in the Gallagher Friendlies tournament. I worked three matches, with my middle in the first one, an under-18 girls match. The match times for this tournament were reduced (no more an 35 minute halves), and we called water breaks midway through each half. The games went well and my colleagues and I stayed hydrated. Our last game was cut short by lightning in the vicinity; both teams' coaches did not want to wait 30 minutes to resume play.

I was back at the SLYSA Complex the next day (1 Sept.) for three more games in this tournament. They went well, although I was feeling it in my legs during the last game of the set. I started to cramp up in my calves, and I feared I might not be able to finish the game, but fortunately the cramps did not persist and I got through the game fine. (I was dealing with a sore heel all weekend long, which did slow me down a bit, and a sore stubbed toe on Sunday.) After both days' games, I made sure to drink plenty of water, and this did help as I did not feel any cramps on Sunday night.

Monday (2 Sept.)--the Labor Day Holiday here in the USA--I spent at home, recovering from the weekend. I didn't feel like going out that day. It was a day off from work--the car rental place was closed.

Back to work on Tuesday (3 Sept.), with a busy morning due to all the returns from the weekend, plus a few folks needing rentals that day. After work, I was at the Thornhill Branch Library in Creve Coeur to run the IPMS/St. Louis meeting. Only two others attended; I believe this was due to the holiday the day before. I did give a talk on World War II Soviet aircraft colors and markings, which was well received by those in attendance.

Off work Wednesday, I got some personal stuff done, as well as edited items for the upcoming issue of Naturally Autistic Magazine. Back at work Thursday at the car rental firm, I also worked Friday and this morning. Usually, I don't do back-to-back Saturdays, but I am this time because I will be off next Saturday (14 Sept.) for the IPMS Gateway Invitational at the Holiday Inn Route 66 in Sunset Hills, Missouri. Looking forward to this show. I should have a model done in time for the club display there. More show info at http://www.ipms-gateway.com/Gateway2013.html. Hope to see you there!

I'm refereeing games tonight and tomorrow. Talk to you soon.


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