08 December 2013

Time Offline, Cold, and Snow

A week ago Friday (29 Nov.), I went right after work to the Market at Cheshire Inn in Clayton, Missouri, the St. Louis INFJ Meetup group was there for a social, where we got the chance to know others in the group and find out what we wanted our group to do in the near future. A good time in a nice place. (By the way, INFJ stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judgement. It's a personality type, according to the MBTI instrument for measuring people's personalities.)

Last Sunday morning (1 Dec.), despite my lingering tendonitis and the after effects of a recent chest cold, I ran the soccer referee fitness test at Vianney High School in Kirkwood, Missouri. I did fine in the first element, the series of 40-meter sprints to be run in 10 seconds or better. (I ran four; we had six attempts total.) Then, it was the interval run around the track. Each lap consisted of a 150-meter run done in 45 seconds, a 50-meter walk in 45 seconds, another 150-meter run in 45 seconds, and another 50-meter walk in 45 seconds. For my age and referee grade, I had to do six laps, which I did--just. By the last two laps, I was feeling it in my legs (not having been able to do much running lately), but I passed and that was the important part. This was the first year we did this fitness test, and we were all learning on it, but all of us there that day did pass.

After a full work day Monday, I was at Baida, a Moroccan restaurant on South Grand in St. Louis for the Dine Out on a Dime Meetup. This was my first time at this restaurant and with Moroccan cuisine and it was interesting. We had about 20 people there from our group and all enjoyed themselves. I had a Tanjin, a stew-like dish with meet (beef in this case), some vegetables and spices. Very tasty.

I worked a partial day on Tuesday (3 Dec.), since I worked yesterday morning, and ran the IPMS/St. Louis meeting at Thornhill Branch Library. A very low turnout meant no elections for club officers as planned. We may be changing to another meeting site next month.

Work has been good, although being outside working in the sub-freezing weather late this past week has been a challenge. I layered up my clothing to help cope, and learned to keep the cleaning sprays inside as much as possible, to keep the nozzles from freezing up. It's been going well at our branch lately. We did get a bit of sleet on Thursday and snow the next day--up to 2 inches (5 cm) deep.

This past Wednesday, our house's Internet and TV connection was lost. Checking with AT&T U-verse customer service, we needed a new gateway device, which we got the next day. However, after hooking it up, we still did not get any signal, so a technician came by on Friday afternoon and got it straightened out. That's why this blog post is running late. Plus, I had to go through hundreds of emails that I could not access for the time I was offline. Things are back to normal now.


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