01 January 2014

New Year's Day 2014

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that the year ahead brings you all peace and joy. Nothing much to last night's New Year's Eve. I'm not into big parties anyway, so I was at home. I actually was asleep when 2013 became 2014. Having worked 10 hours that day at the car rental firm made me rather tired. Before I did fall asleep, I did call into Naturally Autistic radio's annual New Year's Eve show. There, I got to give listeners a brief update on myself and on my wishes for this coming year.

Last weekend began right after work on Friday (27 Dec.), when I went to Mike George's house for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting--my last as Vice President. The January general and business meetings were planned, other club business was discussed, and the special categories for the 2014 Modeler of the Year contests were selected. I will serve as the club's secretary this year, but as the outgoing secretary could not make this meeting, I assumed the role last Friday night by taking down the meeting's minutes.

After working at the car rental branch Saturday morning (28 Dec.) and a short turnaround at home, I was at the Hi-Pointe Theater in Clayton with others from the Midtown Minglers Meetup group. About 12 of us were there to see the new movie "American Hustle," which we loved. Most of us then went to the Olympia Kebab House and Taverna, a Greek restaurant in Richmond Heights, for dinner. This was also very nice.

After chilling out at home Sunday, it was back to work Monday morning. The boss let me out a bit early on Monday, but I pulled the full shift yesterday.

This morning, my brother Brian, his wife Gretchen and their children Rowan and Fischer came by to visit my parents and I. They had stopped by the house early last night while I was at work, but had left for their hotel by the time I got home. It was neat seeing them and they were very happy for me. Brian and company had driven from Gretchen's parents' residence in Wisconsin to here, and they started back there around midday after their visit here.

Before I go, tomorrow I have a special guest blog entry from my friend Linsey Daman, site creator of Single Successful CEO. Hopefully, you can come back to check out that post.


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