13 March 2014

Dad at the Hospital; Me at the Movies

Last night, my father came home from the hospital, where he was admitted late last Thursday. He had pneumonia and a urinary infection, but he's OK now--at least to be home. My mom spent much time at the hospital visiting him, and she and I are happy he is back home.

Work has been going well. Been real busy the past few days. I didn't have much down time, which was actually good as far as I'm concerned.

Last Sunday (9 March), I replaced the DVD/YHS recorder/player I've had the last four years with a new DVD recorder/player. I did have problems hooking it up, including several calls to customer serviced that seemed to have me on a run around and a trip back to the store for help. It turned out to be just some incorrect hookup of wiring between the TV and the DVD recorder. I finally got that straightened out and the device is working great.

Twice this past week, I have been to Plaza Frontenac Cinema to see movies. Last Monday night (10 March), right after work, I joined with others from the Monday Indie Movie Club Meetup to see the documentary "Tim's Vermeer." It tells of video equipment inventor Tim Jenison's quest to recreate a painting by the 17th century Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. I saw this film last November at the St. Louis International Film Festival and it was great seeing this film again. This afternoon, I was at that theatre to see the Japanese animated film "The Wind Rises." This Oscar-nominated feature tells the story of aircraft designer Jiro Horikoshi, who designed the famed A6M Zero fighter used in World War II. This was a beautifully drawn film and a very wonderful story (at least to me). I highly recommend both "Tim's Vermeer" and "The Wind Rises."


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