14 August 2014

A Nice Weekend and a Pleasant Week So Far

I was out and about the metro area last weekend with Meetup group activities. On Saturday late afternoon (9 August), I was at a house in the Central West End for a house party with the Making Friends Around the World group. It was a going-away party for one of the interns, a person from China, and it was nice seeing some people I know from previous meetups of this group and a few new people. It was a nice time.

The next afternoon found me at Shaw Park in Clayton with the STL Food Lovers group. It was the last of the summer's Food Truck Sunday events at the park. About 12 food trucks were present and I bought food from three of them: Holy Crepe, 2 Girls 4 Wheels, and Sia's Italian Ice. The food was tasty and it was nice to enjoy the various cuisine. After the formal part of this meetup in the park, many of us in the group headed to Jilly's Ice Cream Bar in University City for ice cream. This was a very fine time to spend with other like-minded people.

Earlier on that Sunday afternoon, I worked to polish an article I look to submit to the Missouri Aviation Historical Society's newsletter. I will tell more once the article is completed and ready for publication, but I can tell you now it should be something I will be most proud of presenting.

Work has been going well this week. The weather has been a bit cooler and less humid than normal for this time of year, which is most appreciated.

Late last night, my brother Rick came into town for a few days. He's helping my Mom out with some business related to my Dad's recent passing. After dinner tonight, we three visited my Dad's niche at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. It was the first time I have been to his final resting place.

Today, I had lunch with a friend, Linda Taylor-Gallup, at Rich & Charlie's in Mehlville. It was our first in-person meeting--we have been Facebook friends for some months now--and we had a very pleasant get-together. Linda and I got to know each other better over a very nice lunch.


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