04 September 2014

A Nice 2014 Labor Day Weekend

After working hard on Friday (29 August) and the next morning at the car rental branch, it was time for the Labor Day Weekend. After I came home Saturday, I basically crashed, taking a long nap that afternoon and evening. Apparently, I was rather tired and needed to catch up on my sleep.

Early Sunday afternoon (30 August) found me in the Bevo neighborhood of south St. Louis taking in the 10th annual Bosnian Festival. It's rather small by festival standards, but nice. I had a bit of lunch (Cevapi, grilled beef sausages in a large bun), and enjoyed some music and dancing. On the way home, I stopped by Auto Zone to replace the battery in my car key's fob (which enables remote locking and unlocking of doors), as the battery was running low.

Monday (1 Sept.) found me at home. (Our work was closed that day.) Early that afternoon, I drove to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in St. Louis' Central West End for their 97th Annual Greek Festival. It's a great event that draws large crowds. Having had a bit of lunch, I just had a bit of Greek pastry and a beer, but it was nice. I saw some Greek dancing on the auditorium stage, which the crowd enjoyed. After being at the festival, I walked up and down Euclid Ave. for several blocks before getting back into my car to drive home. I chilled out at home the rest of that day.

Back to work Tuesday morning, and it was busy (as can be expected coming off the holiday weekend). We got our customers taken care of well, despite the crowded lot that Tuesday morning. By the way, our move to the new building mere feet away from our current location was delayed. Instead of this week, it will be later this month.

After work on Tuesday, I ran the IPMS/St. Louis meeting at Mark Twain Hobby Center in St. Charles. I gave a plug for the IPMS/Gateway show this Saturday, heard about plans for a new club web site in the works, and offered up my resignation of IPMS/St. Louis president at the end of this year.

Today on my off day, I got the battery replaced on my laptop. The one I had bought a year ago was lately having problems holding a charge. The salesman at the store assured me this new battery will be much better and should last for two years at least. I also finished an e-book I've been reading lately, "Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood" by Mark Harris, which I really enjoyed. I have a new book in my Nook player I'll start reading tomorrow on my lunch break.

This Saturday is the IPMS/Gateway to the West Show and I'm looking forward to it. I'll let you know how that goes in my next post. Here's the website: http://ipms-gateway.com/invite2014.html


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