18 September 2014

Working Around the Rain

Work has been going well. A few days under my belt at our branch's new facility and I am loving the place--especially with the wash bay. My fellow car preps and I are getting the hang of using the pressurized water hose and liquid soap on the vehicles, and we are getting our vehicles cleaned inside and out with a good turnaround time (especially with the exterior washing factored in). We have had a bit of rain off and on in recent days, which makes having the enclosed wash bay even more valuable to us.

I'm working tomorrow all day and this Saturday morning before taking a week off. Looks like it will be a stay-cation (staying at home), but I'll check out a few sights in the area I have not visited before or have not visited in a long time. Plus, I may be able to get some things done around the house.

After work Tuesday night (16 Sept.), I helped run the IPMS/Gateway meeting at Calvary Presbyterian Church. We had a wrap up on our show and picnic earlier in the month, had a build night (I worked a bit on a knight figure model), and we had our quarterly Modeler of the Year Contest. Great turnout for the contest: 50 entries total, including 10 in the Grim Reaper (death-related) special category. I'm hosting the club's business meeting this coming Tuesday night.

Last night after work, I was at The Wolf Public House in Ballwin for the first get-together of the Big Ideas Book Discussion Group on Meetup. There were four of us for this meetup for people into non-fiction books. We hoped for a better turnout than this, but hopefully this will occur the next time. Anyway, it was great getting to know the others in the group, and enjoying dinner and the setting of The Wolf.

Later today, I'm off to a networking event in Maryland Heights, then the Missouri Aviation Historical Society's meeting at Creve Coeur Airport.


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