04 December 2014

Back in Town to Figure Something Out

My mom and I flew home from Charleston last Saturday morning (29 Nov.), flying via Atlanta. We were a bit late getting out of Charleston, as the aircraft needed deicing before take off (wise move), but we were back in our homes around 10 am that day. Plenty of time to unpack and start getting caught up on things in St. Louis.

I was off work on Monday (1 Dec.), as I thought we would not be in town until Sunday or possibly Monday. (The flight reservations were made after I had got my vacation time approved.) Thus, I did miss the ice storm that hit our area early on Monday, which did make things rather interesting at work, from what I understand.

Back at work on Tuesday, and things went well. We did get a bit of run on rentals from customers whose vehicles were damaged on Monday, but we got our customers taken care of and that's important.

After work Tuesday, I was running the IPMS/St. Louis meeting at Mark Twain Hobby Center. With just five in attendance, it was hard to do much more than my recap of my Charleston trip and a bit more hobby news. However, this was my last meeting as club president, which I made clear the past few months. Their website: http://www.ipms-stlouis.com/

Off work today, I was able to get some modeling done. This 1:8 scale kit of The Black Knight of Nurnberg is the subject of IPMS/Gateway's same kit contest at their meeting this month. I have much of the assembly done, and spent time today painting the face. I haven't done a figure model at all, but found some tips on painting faces, which I used to help. It has come out very nicely, I must say. Looks like this kit will be done in time for the meeting on 16 December.

Speaking of IPMS/Gateway, I also went to a couple of area hobby shops this afternoon, dropping off club flyers and giving each store a flyer announcing the IPMS/USA Region 5 Convention we're hosting in September of 2015. Here's IPMS/Gateway's website: http://ipms-gateway.com


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