18 June 2015

Wet, Warm Days

I volunteered again last Thursday night (11 June) at Circus Flora's show, "One Summer on Second Street." I was located on the opposite side of stands from where I was the two previous shows. Thus, I got to look at it from another angle. It is still such a great show, and recommend it highly. "One Summer on Second Street" runs through 28 June. Show info, including volunteering (the show still could use some volunteers) here: http://circusflora.org.

Work keeps me busy, as we got plenty of trade at our car rental branch. We said goodbye to one management trainee last week and welcomed another person to our branch staff. I was working last Saturday morning (13 June), with our manager, and we were kept most busy. However, we got through the morning fine. It's been rainy the past few days, adding much humidity to the heat of late spring here. This makes being outside working a bit more challenging, but not impossible.

After work last Tuesday (16 June), I went to Calvary Presbyterian Church for the IPMS/Gateway meeting. I brought in my completed Soviet UFO model, where it was entered into the Model of the Month Beauty Contest. It didn't win, but it did get some good comments. I found out that, due to a lack of completed entries, we won't enter our UFOs at next month's IPMS/USA National Convention, but would do so next year. A disappointment for me, after all the work I put in it. However, I do have two models I hope to have ready by the time the convention starts in Columbus, Ohio on 22 July. More on the club at http://ipms-gateway.com.

I've been paying attention to the FIFA Women's World Cup--on television and on my mobile phone--and am glad the USA made it to the Round of 16. I'm also following Saint Louis FC, who lost it's fourth round Lamar Hunt US Open Cup tie at Sporting Kansas City Tuesday night. Saint Louis FC is back home for a USL match against Colorado Springs Friday night. More here: http://saintlouisfc.com.

I'm off tonight to the Missouri Aviation Historical Society's meeting at Creve Coeur Airport. The 50th anniversary of Project Gemini will be celebrated with a panel discussion. Should be good. More on the group here: http://moavhist.org.


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