09 July 2015

Brian & I on 3 July; A Garden Party on the Fourth

Last Friday night (3 July), right after work, I drove to the campus of Washington University, where I parked my car near Francis Field and walked about two blocks east to Forest Park. From the park's entrance, I made my way to the Fair Saint Louis fairgrounds, on Art Hill between the Saint Louis Art Museum and the Central Lagoon. Finding my way to a concession stand near the mainstage, while Blondie was playing its set, I got my pass and made my way backstage. There, my brother Brian and I chatted briefly before he played drums for Melissa Etheridge. She played an approximately 90 minute set and I greatly enjoyed it from my place on the Art Hill grass. Soon after the show, I got backstage again and chatted briefly with Brian. I then stepped out to enjoy the fireworks display that capped the show. Etheridge's website is: http://www.melissaetheridge.com/.

The next day, Mom and I relaxed at home. Brian came over in the afternoon to spend some time with us before he rejoined Etheridge's band for the next tour stop. That night, I was at the Maplewood home of Kurt and Beth Heidrich for a garden party they threw for friends. It was very nice, although I knew so few of the other guests, and there was much to eat and drink. After dusk, Kurt set off fireworks in the back yard. It was a wonderful night. Beth runs STL Culinary Tours, which takes guests on tours of St. Louis area restaurants. More info on this business here: http://www.stlculinarytours.com/.

I was at home Sunday (5 July) when I watched the FIFA Women's World Cup Final on TV. I was hoping for a USA win over Japan, but did not expect the 5-2 rout by the Americans. I was very happy with the result, though.

Work has been going well. Had quite a few returns on Monday from the holiday weekend, and pretty steady business during the week. Our office received a visit Tuesday morning from two young women doing marketing for Red Bull energy drink. They gave out samples of Red Bull from their backpacks, and chatted with us before going down the street in their car, decorated with a large Red Bull can.

I flexed out early Tuesday afternoon (I'm working this Saturday morning), and went to Mark Twain Hobby Center in St. Charles that night for the IPMS/St. Louis meeting. The four of us present talked about recent modeling projects and news. We had a first-time visitor among those attending, and it looks like he'll be back. The club meets on the first Tuesday of the month. Their website is: http://www.ipms-stlouis.com/; Mark Twain's site is: http://www.hobby1.com/.

On my off day from work today, I went to my doctor's office for a physical exam. Overall, he says I'm in good shape, but he did ask me to get some blood tests done soon. Tonight, I went to Faust Park in Chesterfield for a food truck festival. I got tacos, chips and salsa from a Mexican food truck, and shaved ice from another truck. It was nice, there was a good turnout for this event, and a cover band was playing.


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