01 January 2016

A Wet End to 2015

We got a lot of rain in St. Louis since last weekend. At least 8 inches (20.3 cm) of rain fell the previous weekend. That caused rivers to rise and flooding to occur. The upshot for our rental branch has been that busy Manchester Road became even more crowded, as westbound traffic diverted around the flooded portions of I-44 spilled onto our street. That made it a longer drive for customer pick ups and drop offs, and for just going down the street to put fuel into the vehicle.

The flood waters also altered my commute, as the I-44 and Route 141 interchange was flooded. This made my trip to and from work longer each way. Wednesday night (30 December) was especially bad, as I-55 was blocked due to Meramce River flooding. I had to drive down I-255 all the way to Telegraph Road to get home.

At least the weather is dry for the next few days and the flood seems to have crested, so it should get better in the coming days. There was slight seepage of water into the basement of our house, but no real damage.

Last night (31 December), I was home with Mom, watching TV while the last hours of 2015 ticked away. At midnight, we stepped out onto the front porch to make some noise for a minute in welcoming the new year of 2016. After waking up this morning, we just stayed around the house, going out to Culver's (http://www.culvers.com/) in Mehlville for lunch.

Tomorrow morning (2 January), I co-host the first Writer's Block of 2016 with Tim Pylypiuk on Blog Talk Radio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/autistic-people-). We'll talk about Miguel de Cervantes' classic story Don Quixote. The show airs live at Noon, Central Time (10 am, Pacific Time; 1800 GMT), and will be immediately archived for reairing from 2 pm, Central Time. I hope you can tune in.

Best wishes to everyone in the New Year. May we all find peace, happiness, and success.



modelingspace-mike said...

Yes, I was hit by the flood as well. My basement was completely wet, from corner to corner. Lost most of my art materials, all of my cardstock (for papermodeling), some of the bigger plastic kits that did not fit on any shelf, and all of my programming books (Java, Basic, PL/SQL, DHMTL, etc.). The books proved too heavy to put on my current shelving system. I became too complacent and left them on the floor, a practice that I used when I had a spare bedroom that I used for a Den/Programming/Art Room. When we reused the spare room, I was forced to move everything in the basement. I now have to redesign stronger shelving to accomedate what is left (something on the order of what Mike Mackowski did for his house when he was in Pleasant Hollow). The damaged kits only had boxes and some decals that were affected, the plastic is fine of course. I do miss everyone in the club, but the hours that I work now have prevented me from going to any meeting. Will catch up with everyone later when work permits.

Bob Delaney said...

Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear about the flood damage at your place. I hope you are able to restore as much as you can with your work materials. Feel free to stay in touch, and stay connected with IPMS/Gateway (http://ipms-gateway.com).