26 May 2016

Rain, Work, Soccer, and Aviation History

We had quite a bit of rain fall here so far this week. That included a thunderstorm on Tuesday (24 May), but no damage around here, fortunately. All that rain will surely help grass and plants to grow.

I flexed out of work on Tuesday, as I'm working this Saturday morning. That night, I was at Brad and Julie Vaughn's house in House Springs for the IPMS/Gateway (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) business meeting. We planned the June general and business meetings, plus discussed some other club business.

After working yesterday, I dashed over to World Wide Technology Soccer Park in Fenton for the match between Saint Louis FC (http://saintlouisfc.com/landing/index) and Vancouver Whitecaps 2. This was the match postponed on 30 April due to lightning. The teams played to a 1-1 draw this night. i joined with the St. Louligans (http://stlouligans.com/) in cheering on the home side. I was most disappointed as the Blues (http://blues.nhl.com/) lost to the Sharks, ending their season. Like many Blues fans, I wished to get into the Stanley Cup Final, but it was a good season nevertheless.

My off day today included doing laundry, washing and adding fuel to my car, and a pleasant trip to Portage Des Sioux, Missouri. I drove to St. Charles County Smartt Airport (http://www.sccmo.org/237/Airport---Smartt-Field) to visit the museum of the Missouri Wing, Commemorative Air Force (https://www.cafmo.org/). I went through the small, but nice museum with many artifacts, guided by CAF Colonel Gerry Spavale. (Full CAF members are designated Colonels.) Spavale then lead me to two hangars on the field, one of which had the Wing's B-25J Mitchell "Show Me." I got to look around the bomber, which was being prepared for appearing at an airshow out of town this weekend. (Two other Wing aircraft--a TBM Avenger and a L-3--were away when we visited.)

Spavale also guided me to the other hangar, where some aircraft were being worked on, and to the Officer's Club. I posed for some pictures, and received some CAF literature. All in all, a pleasant times. Back home, I got some late lunch and mowed the front lawn. I even briefly wore a red nose, in honor of Red Nose Day (http://rednoseday.org/), a fundraiser for childrens' charities.

Back working tomorrow and Saturday morning, and then enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend.


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