11 February 2017

Plenty of Work and Doughnuts, and A Birthday

Work this past week went well. Plenty of vehicles to clean and ready for rental. Plus, some driving of vehicles to pick up and drop off customers, and ferrying them to and from drop locations.

My birthday was this past Tuesday (7 February). It was low-key, which was just as well at my age. After work, mom had dinner for me, plus a nice cake. She gave me a history book, "Once in a Great City," by David Maraniss, plus a shower caddy for my shampoo and body wash.

Off work Thursday (9 February), I bought 24 doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (https://www.krispykreme.com/) and took them to Enterprise's Airport location. The staff behind the counter really appreciated the treats, which I got in honor of my former Ellisville colleague Hannah becoming their assistant manager. (She wasn't there when I came, but the staffers would let her know.) I then bought some mini-doughnuts at a convenience store and dropped them off at the National/Alamo branch at the Airport. I left them for the attention of the manager, Maggie, who was away when I came by.

During my free times this week, I worked on two models I'm seeking to finish for the IPMS/Gateway (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) contest on 21 February. I should finish the car this weekend, and have the aircraft ready to paint early next week.

Yesterday morning, I admired a full moon in the sky as I drove to Krispy Kreme, where I bought a dozen doughnuts to bring to the Ellisville branch. They were well received as usual, especially as we had a very busy day with many vehicles to prep.

I'm off to a meeting and dinner later today. More on that next time.


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