15 January 2009

Cold one today!

It's been real cold here in St. Louis the past 24 hours. The coldest in a few years. So cold the soccer games I was to have called tonight were cancelled. It should get a bit warmer this weekend.
This morning, I was signing onto my computer when the visuals didn't look right. After restarting it a few times and trying a diagnostic on my own, I went to the Geek Squad at Best Buy. The technician checked it and found that an updated driver for the monitor screen didn't take, due to some issue with existing drivers on the computer. He said that's been a problem with Windows Vista (which was installed on my HP notebook). He fixed the problem and it's working just fine now.
After I got my computer back, I browsed among the DVDs for sale at Best Buy when one of their customer service people asked if I had a cell phone with me. I said yes, and he said he could check to see if I was eligible for a free upgrade. I said sure and he checked my phone, called up the model number, my cell phone number and provider on a hand held device. I was eligible, he told me, and he showed me some cell phones eligible for this. I found one, an LG Rumor, that features a sliding QWERTY keyboard that's just the thing for texting. I selected it and he activated it for me on the spot. He even, using some gizmo, transferred my contacts and their phone numbers from my old phone to the new one. All it will cost me is $18 to be billed by my provider on my next bill for activation. Sure glad I came to that Best Buy when I did.
I'm going ice skating tomorrow night. Should be fun. (At least it's indoors.) Later.

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