11 January 2009

Mulling over options

Relaxing at home, after running lines on two under 18 boys games this afternoon. (Brisk out. Brr.) I heard last week from two firms that I applied to that they went with someone else for the respective positions, and heard that two others have me on hold. I took in an information session last Thursday night on being certified as a teacher. It would not require a new degree, but is an online home study course. I may become an English language arts teacher under this scheme. Something to think about if nothing else happens on the job search.
Friday night, a referee colleague had me over at his house to hear a presentation on a network marketing business, one that would sell memberships in a nationwide products and services discount program. Naturally, I'm skeptical about these things -- this is due to cost (steep, by my standards), and viability (finding enough people interested in this and being able to sell it). I'll check it out in the coming days, but don't bet the farm I'll go with it.
Last night, after refereeing futsal earlier in the day, I went to a singles group dinner party. It was rather nice (about 14 of us there), and we had fun with the white elephant gift exchange. I brought a photo frame (not tacky, but the best I could come up with on short notice), and came away with an artificial pine plant. Something for the Christmas decorations next year.
That's it for now. Later.

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