29 March 2009

News bad, good and indifferent

This past week I got word from the firm I interviewed with 2 1/2 weeks ago that they would not pursue me further for the communications specialist opening. They felt I was not quite the kind of fit they were seeking. OK, I'll just go on in my job search.
On the bright side, tomorrow I start my temp job with the US Census, helping to lay the groundwork for the 2010 Census. A week-long training session this week will show me how to collect data on residences, prior to going door-to-door. This job will run for about 8 weeks, at full time pay. Should be interesting.
We had some unseasonably cold weather this past weekend. It rained quite a bit yesterday, before and during some boys soccer games I officiated last night. At least we were on artificial turf, which made it a bit easier, but it wasn't all that pleasant in the cold and rain. The games went pretty good. I was supposed to have refereed some games this morning, but a bit of snow overnight caused cancellation of my games. I have some games this week, but it depends on how dry those fields get.
Mom & Dad are fine, after coming come on Monday afternoon from their road trip to Austin.
Take care & talk to you soon.

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