19 March 2009

Quiet time now

My parents left St. Louis yesterday morning to drive to Austin, Texas. They should be there as I write these words. Mom and Dad are visiting my brother Rick, his wife Melissa and their foster son for a few days before heading back to St. Louis. My brother Brian and the rest of the New York Dolls are also in Austin, playing at the South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival.
I'm running the house while my parents are away. Don't expect any house parties here, though Actually, I have been awaiting word from the firm I interviewed with last week for a communications specialist job. They are supposed to contact me regarding a second interview with them, and I hope it will be in the next business day or two. Stay tuned.
I had soccer refereeing last weekend, and the games went well. Also had IPMS Gateway meeting on Tuesday night, with me opening and closing the church fellowship hall where they meet. Had a sad moment on Sunday, when I got word my friend and fellow IPMS member John Brooks died on the operating table. He had been taken two days before to the hospital with peritonitis (he's had kidney problems in recent years), and apparently suffered a fatal heart attack while being operated on. He was a neat guy, if quiet and sardonic in tone, with a great feel for aviation history. John used to work for McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) and collected much material on the firm and its aircraft. He also had close ties to model kit manufacturers, so he gave us modelers the scoop on kits due out. John will be missed.
Last night, I was at the Judevine Center for the March WAWWA (We Are Who We Are) activity, a game night. We played at several board games for about two hours and chatted among ourselves. There was a good turnout of about 10 WAWWA members and two counselors. I had not been able to make a WAWWA activity for a few months, for one reason or another, so it was great to get this in.
Hope to have some good news on the job situation soon. Talk to you later.

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