28 July 2009

Catching my breath

Chilling out at home now, doing my laundry. Now into my fourth week of my temp work assignment. It's going real well. Making good progress, I'm told. A bit slow today, waiting for others' work to catch up to me, but I'm satisfied with what I'm doing now.
Last Tuesday, IPMS Gateway had its annual Slam Fest at the July general meeting. I came to Calvary Presbyterian Church right after work to open the fellowship hall and get it set up. From 7:00 pm, members so interested had two hours to assemble and finish a model, which would then be entered in a "beauty contest" by vote of the members present. I worked on the Pegasus 1:48 scale P-51B Mustang, which is a snap together kit. I had a bit of problem with the kit, as the plastic was real slick; more of a toy type plastic than one associated with model kits. Fit was a bit tricky on the wing-fuselage joint and on the propeller spinner, but I was able to complete it and paint it some, plus use the kit's stickers in about 1 1/2 hours. Six of us did models for that, and mine ended up tied for second in the vote. I won a $5 gift certificate from CRM Hobbies.
This was my lucky night, as I also won $13 in the 50/50 raffle, had the high bid on a kit in the silent auction, and won another kit in the raffle of "beauty contest" entrants. Very nice. I also let the club board know about the web sites I posted notices on our Invitational coming up on 12 September in Eureka. You can get info on that event at http://ipms-gateway.com
That's it for now. Talk to you soon.

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Rick said...

Thanks for hopping on board the DelSolTimes blog. We'll try to update it as often as it seems you do on yours. Yours seems like a great place to post stuff, esp. pics about IPMS.