20 July 2009

Into a less busy week

Last week was a hard one. I had my proofreading job in the daytime -- just entered its fourth week today -- plus an additional night job. It was a take home one, proofreading a book catalog for a distributor I had worked with a few weeks back. I received the catalog on Monday morning, and turned it back in, completed, the following Friday morning. I had to put in some long hours Wednesday and Thursday night to get it done, but get it done I did. The current job is going well -- tedious at times, but progress is being made. Good group of people I'm with, in both the full timers there and fellow temps.
Been couped up with all this work, so I did go out for a jog yesterday afternoon. Will need more running to get in shape for refereeing. I hope to get some soccer assignments for late this month and the start of August. I do need to get in my maintenance assessment when I referee a men's game soon, as part of registration.
I did take in the festivities of All Star Week in St. Louis last week via television, including last Tuesday's All Star Game. A wonderful time, except for the National League losing again. Apparently, everyone in town had a great time.
Take care & talk to you soon.

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