27 December 2009

Christmas Was Nice

Last Tuesday night, the outgoing and incoming IPMS Gateway e-board met at Mike George's house for the business meeting. We planned the January meeting and discussed some other club business, and then I official became club president for 2010. It's a big honor and something I have long aspired to. I will do my best in that position.
Christmas came and went. My parents and I had a good time. We went to Christmas Eve service at church, then came home to egg nog and a bit of TV before turning in. The next morning, we opened some presents under the tree. The big gift for me was a new two-piece suit from my parents, a gray item that I picked out earlier this month. My parents felt I needed a new suit and I agreed with them. This suit should go well with many wardrobe items and situations. I also got a history book from Rick and his wife & son, and a gift certificate from Amazon.com from Brian. I used the latter to order a video series ("Band of Brothers") and a book. They should arrive here later this week.
Nothing much else over the weekend. I did referee some futsal earlier today. Games sure kept me focused.
I plan to get my hair cut early this week, and I'm at a party on New Year's Eve. More on that in due course.
Later, and Happy New Year.

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