21 December 2009

I'll (Still) Be Home for Christmas

Last week, the temp agency said I did not get the temp job. Not that I was bad, but because someone else had more of a online editing skills the client was seeking. However, the contract editing job is on. I'm doing a videoconference today with the consultancy in which the specifics of this job will be laid out. Should be interesting.
I refereed some futsal yesterday afternoon, and had assignments the previous weekend. That's going well. Off for a few days for Christmas and New Year's. A week ago, I was at the referees Christmas party in Fenton. Had some fun there. Got info on the referees trivia night in February, which I e-mailed to Larry, with who I played a trivia night last summer.
Last Tuesday, IPMS Gateway had its monthly meeting. Yours truly was elected as club president for 2010. The only other candidate withdrew prior to the vote, citing schedule conflicts, so I was elected by acclamation. I officiate take over the office tomorrow night at the club's monthly business meeting. I'm getting a few ideas in mind about the club I want to put forth in the coming weeks.
Speaking of IPMS Gateway, last Friday afternoon I met with our treasurer at Gravois Bluffs Shopping Center in Fenton. Y98 Radio was holding a live broadcast that day to help the US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots campaign, and we used that to present our club's donation of $350 to Toys for Tots. The Marines were most appreciative of our efforts, and I sent a release out on that donation. It looks like the Suburban Journals will run it soon.
I already bought a book for Rick and sent it to him for Christmas. (This was on the gift exchange, between my brothers and I. Brian's buying for me.) I still have to buy something for my parents. Not much time left for that. If I don't talk to you all sooner, Merry Christmas.

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