02 December 2009

Welcoming the relatives recently

Last month, two of my brothers were in town for a few days each, on separate visits. Brian and his daughter Rowan were here early in the month, and it was my first time in person with my 3-year-old niece. Rowan and I got along great. She's a wonderful girl. We all had some nice time together.
Last week, Rick drove up from Austin with wife Melissa and 4-year-old adopted son Alex. They spent Thanksgiving with my parents and I and we all had a good time together. Melissa also reviewed my resume and made a few helpful suggestions, and gave me a short course on InDesign software, which she uses in her editing work.
I have a couple of games to referee tomorrow night, which wrap up the fall season and whose end was extended due to many rainouts this fall (especially in October). Then it's on to the winter outdoor boys season and the futsal season, both of which start this weekend.
Speaking of soccer, last weekend I saw the film "The Damned United" at a cinema here. I really enjoyed it and highly recommended it to my friends and colleagues.
Starting to get ready for Christmas. Yesterday I helped put up lights on the exterior of the house. The weather was pleasant yesterday, but not to today.
Also yesterday, I helped my mates at IPMS St. Louis set up a model display in the lobby display cases of the Thornhill Branch, St. Louis County Library, our meeting site. We have about 70 models in the two cases, which makes for a very nice display. We also put up flyers about our group in the cases. The display will run until early January.

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