10 December 2009

A nervous few days

Been awaiting a couple of contract jobs I am up for of late. One is to edit and proofread books for a consulting firm -- a telecommuting position. The other is a temporary proofreading job in St. Louis. Would be happy with either or both jobs.
Friday, I went to a pub to watch the Final Draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which was held in Cape Town. I had draw sheets in which to add the countries' names in at the appropriate locations. That included the USA in Group C, with England, Algeria, and Slovenia. I think the Americans got a good draw, opening with England, then two teams that are beatable. Should be fun in South Africa next June and July.
Last weekend I refereed my first futsal games of the new season. They went well -- better than I expected, as I felt a few first weekend jitters, but not a hassle. I have some more futsal the next two weekends. Haven't had any outdoor winter league games yet, but as there won't be many such games (due to considerably fewer teams this season), I many not have much to do outdoors until spring.

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