14 February 2010

Into mid-February (birthday included)

One week ago, I turned 46 years old. Not a big celebration, for sure. My parents took me out to dinner after church, at the Pasta House Company Italian restaurant. Enjoyed a nice meal there, then came home for cake. I also got some new photos of yours truly taken.
This past week, I started a part time article editing and fact checking job. The paperwork finally came in from a consulting firm out of town. I'll leave the details out of this blog, at least for now. However, I can tell you that after signing and returning an agreement, I received in my e-mail two articles for editing. I got those done, with facts and names checked. The supervisor was greatly appreciated by my work on the first article, and was to have given me feedback on the second one once things settled down at her office. Looks like this will be a good part time job for now.
I refereed boys outdoor soccer yesterday afternoon and evening, and girls futsal earlier today. Games went fine. Nearing end of winter seasons for both. Be good to get out and do more games outdoors, as the weather should pick up. Got some snow late last night and this morning. It will be rather chilly for awhile.
No real sweetheart for Valentine's Day today, but I did send notes to several gals I know.
By the way, since I got my computer back from repairs, it's been running real well.
Take care.

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