17 February 2010

Out of the Box

Last night I ran the IPMS Gateway meeting. We had a lower than normal turnout, most likely due to the cold, snowy weather. We did have a nice turnout of models for the first Modeler of the Year points contest of 2010. This contest featured the Out of the Box special category, as usual for our first contest of the year. In Out of the Box, you can't make any modifications to the model from the existing kit. I entered my just completed 1:72 scale Bf 109E-3 aircraft model, built straight from the Hobby Boss kit, but with Eagle Strike decals. (This is allowed under our Out of the Box rules, as long as you bring documentation for those decals with your entry, which I did.) It didn't win any placings, but at least I got two points (one for entering in the contest overall, and one for the special category entry). We also had a build night, so several of us brought kits to work on at the meeting.
Not much else happening of late. Monday, I did get back one of the articles I edited last week, with a few questions and suggestions from the supervisor. I addressed them and sent that article back the same day. I may get another article to edit in the next day or two.
I'm also following the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I sure enjoy the Olympics, especially for the smorgasbord of sports I normally don't see on TV very often.
That's it for now. Later.

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