25 February 2010

Trying to Stay Warm & Optimistic

It's rather cold here in St. Louis today. As I write this, it's about 27 degrees F. Should warm up to the 40s this weekend.
Early this week, I put in the final editing touches on my first two articles on my parttime job. They needed to be cut down in size (word count) to fit in the magazine, so I did so. The firm I'm working for on this is very pleased so far with my work. They sent me another article to edit early this week. It needed to be cut down considerably, as well as fact checked. I should have this one done later today.
Been following the Winter Olympics in Vancouver on TV and online. It's always neat for me to watch the Olympics, since I find something to like in just about any sport.
Last Saturday afternoon, I joined with several others from IPMS Gateway in a Meet & Greet at HobbyTown USA in Arnold, Missouri. The good weather cut down on visitors considerably (first decent day in a few days), but otherwise our event was a success. I got started on another kit, and the store was very happy to have us.
Tomorrow night, I'm at the Eastern Missouri Soccer Referee Association's Trivia Night in Oakville, Missouri. Should be a fun time, and I'll let you know about that in my next blog entry.

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