11 March 2010

About last night

Before I begin, a correction: In my last blog entry, I mentioned visiting Tom Doll's house last Saturday. Actually, it was the previous Saturday, 27 February. I apologize for the error.
Moving forward, I am at home now awaiting word on a possible temp assignment I was first given word on Tuesday night. I do want to get outside today, as it's nice and sunny.
Late yesterday afternoon, I met up with some fellow supporters in downtown St. Louis in advance of President Barack Obama's visit to a fund-raising dinner. We gathered on the sidewalks near the hotel hosting the dinner, holding signs and chanting our support for health care reform. There was a good amount of Obama supporters on hand, along with some opponents on the opposite corner. We were there for about 2 hours and I felt good about standing up for what's right.
I'm looking forward to a happy hour tomorrow night, and some soccer refereeing this weekend. Take care.

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