15 March 2010

On the run, in the mist

This past weekend was interesting. On Friday, my sister-in-law Melissa passed to me a link to a job listing. It was for associate editor at a magazine group on the East Coast. I checked out the listing and the firm, and really liked what I saw, so right away I applied for this position. I also started contacting people I knew who might know something about the firm I applied to, and one person who did deal with that firm wrote a short e-mail recommending me to that firm. I'll check back in the next couple of days. Stay tuned.
Friday night, I was at Escalade in University City for Happy House with Stress Free Fridays (SFF). I had not been to one of SFF's events for a few months, due to one thing or another, but I had a nice time at this one. I had a couple of drinks, sampled chicken wings and salad from the buffet, and danced a bit to music spun by a DJ. Nice, if a bit inebriated at the end of the night. I also felt a bit sick to my stomach the next morning, but I gutted it out and officiated four boys games the next day.
Sunday morning started with a Midwest Regional League under 16 boys match in Maryland Heights, which started in misty conditions. It was a armful to control, and I sent one player off for his second caution of the match. (I had to write a report after the match, which went to the league office today.) After a rest time at home, I was back on the pitch, this time in Fenton, for two league games, played through a mist. That's seven games in two days -- a hard stretch. But, my colleagues and I got through them fine.
Today, I went to a forum in Clayton for Proposition A, a sales tax measure on the St. Louis County ballot next month for mass transit. Spokespersons for and against the proposition stated their cases, answering questions posed by the Clayton Chamber of Commerce (sponsor of the forum) and audience members. I am in favor of this measure and hope it passes.
After that, I went to the nearby Barnes & Noble for lunch in their cafe (soup and coffee). While there, I chatted briefly with one of the cafe people, who was a colleague of mine when we worked at the Barnes & Noble store in Chesterfield just over 3 years ago. She's still there and doing fine. We hadn't met in a few months and it was good catching up on things.
That's it for now. I have IPMS Gateway's meeting to run tomorrow night. Hope to see you at Calvary Presbyterian Church for that one. Later.

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