22 May 2010

Happenings Lately

The past two weeks have seen me on my work with the Census Bureau. I can't go into specifics, but the 2010 Census work is progressing. Visited a number of residences yesterday and got some household interviews done. Hope to keep up the good work in the week ahead.
Had some soccer referee assignments the past few weekends. Last Wednesday, I worked an under-17 boys league game for which I was getting my annual maintenance assessment. It went well, I passed the assessment, although the assessor had a few areas for me to work on. (Fair comments all.) I have games tomorrow morning. The youth leagues spring season ends early next month, and (apart from men's league Sunday games) that's it until August when the new season starts.
I ran the IPMS Gateway meeting last Tuesday night. Had a pretty good turnout for the contest, with its "Seats Two" special category. I had a two-seat aircraft model entered, although it wasn't a serious contender for placings. At least I got the two points (one for entering overall, one for entering in the special category) for Modeler of the Year, which is important.
Last Thursday afternoon, I was at Busch Stadium for the game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Florida Marlins. I bought the ticket last weekend using a discount code I got when I ordered a combo meal at McDonald's. The Cardinals came from behind to win this game, 4-2. Despite the overcast skies, I really enjoyed the game and being at Busch for the game. I had parked at Union Station and took the Metrolink train to and from the game.
Sad news to end this entry. My godmother, Harriet Schwable, died last Wednesday at age 68. She had some health problems in recent years, but she is now at peace. My parents and I attended a memorial service for her this morning. Her husband George, daughter Glenda, son-in-law Jeff, grandson Tyler, and son George (Bud) were there. We were glad to be with them in this time. My Mom especially was a long-time friend of Harriet's and our families really enjoyed each other's company. I have fond memories of her and her family's friendship. I dedicate this blog entry to Harriet's memory.

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