03 June 2010

It's Looking a Lot Like Summer Now

Just came inside a few minutes ago after cutting the lawns (back, then front). It's warm and humid out -- the usual for late spring and summer here in St. Louis. I officiated some boys soccer games last weekend, which were played on artificial turf. It made it easily 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the air temperature. Somehow, we all got though those games fine. Youth season's about over -- just two games Sunday afternoon (also on artificial turf) for me until August. Can't wait for the FIFA World Cup to start in 7 days from now.
My census work is almost done. Got in some more visits recently but had no luck with contacting several residents. Yesterday, I was told I didn't have to visit those places again, that it would be brought up with the apartment complex's higher ups. I may go to another block in need of visits, but am on standby for now.
Last Monday, I attended the Greek Festival at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Town and Country, Missouri. They have this every Memorial Day weekend and it's a fun time to eat Greek food and enjoy Greek music and dancing.
I ran the IPMS St. Louis meeting Tuesday night, and will run and give a presentation at the IPMS Gateway meeting in two weeks.
That's it for now. Later.

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