10 September 2010

Inside and Waiting for the Show to Start

Last week I found out I did not get the editing job I interviewed for last month. They decided to go with someone else they felt had more of what they were looking for. In the meantime, I've got my resume out for at least three other positions, and hope to hear back soon on those.
Been doing some canvassing and phone banking for Charlie Dooley's County Executive campaign. It's going well. The income from the canvassing has been most appreciated, and the experience of reaching out to voters on behalf of Dooley is most interesting. Just under 8 weeks before Election Day.
Fall youth soccer season got underway late last month. I had some games played on artificial turf in the afternoon sun and humidity. It felt like 100 degrees F on the field. The games went well, though, and I was OK, apart from a blister on my foot during the first set of games. The foot's better now, though.
The IPMS Gateway to the West Invitational is tomorrow in Eureka. Can't wait for it. I've gotten the show mentioned on several local community calendar web sites, and a few international scale modeling web sites, plus delivered some show flyers to some area hobby shops. It would be a good show. I have a model I plan to finish today in time for the contest at tomorrow's show. Not the greatest, but at least it's something.
Last Monday, I marched in the Labor Day Parade through downtown St. Louis. I was with some fellow Robin Carnahan supporters in the parade, which ran just over half an hour. I haven't been in a parade for over 20 years, and it was neat to do.
I'm inside now, staying out of the light rain this morning. Take care. Later.

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