18 September 2010

A Successful Show, and Other Recent Happenings

One week ago, IPMS Gateway held its Invitational in Eureka. It was a success. I don't have attendance figures, but it seems it was about 25 to 33 percent higher than a year ago. Contest entries were approximately 180, about 30 more than a year ago. There were 43 vendor tables sold, when 40 was the original limit, and the vendors reported good business. Overall, a successful show and I was very happy and proud to be involved in it, ranging from helping set up the night before to helping tear down right after the show. We'll be back at Hitter's Choice Cages in Eureka on 10 September 2011 (09/10/11) -- save the date!'
I had a busy Sunday afternoon -- four soccer games I officiated, with two middles. Three of these games were under 14s (two boys, and a girls to end the session), plus a under 16 girls game next to last. They generally went well, although I did git a major blister on my one little toe, which continues to bother me as I write this. Hopefully, it won't be a big bother tomorrow, when I officiate two games.
I did some canvassing this past week (Monday and Wednesday nights, and Saturday mid-days) for Charlie Dooley's reelection campaign. It's been going well. I also worked a Dooley phone bank for two hours Thursday night. I'm cautiously optimistic about Dooley's chances in November.
Back to modeling: I have been working on an Italian ship model for Tuesday's IPMS Gateway meeting. The model contest features an "Anything Italian" special category, and I hope to get this ship done by then.
That's it for now. Later.

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