25 October 2010

More of the Same of Late

In the past three weeks, not much for me to write about for you. Been busy with canvassing for Charlie Dooley's camapign three days a week (two weeknights, one weekend daytime), plus phone banking one night a week. Been going well. Saturday, we shifted into get out the vote mode, reminding our likely supporters to vote on 2 November -- just eight days from now. www.charliedooley.com
Been out on Fridays with Stress Free Fridays. The past three Fridays have been me joining the group at the Ice Kitchen in Westport Plaza, the Avenue Lounge in north St. Louis, and the In Spot in west St. Louis. Been having a fine time, including dancing and chatting with some of the gals.
Soccer refereeing has been going well on Sundays. Well into the fall season now, with about a month left in that. Futsal starts the beginning of December.
It's been confirmed that all three of my brothers, with their significant others and kids, will be in town for Thanksgiving. This should be great.
That's it for now. Later.

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Cousin Bruce said...

It's grueling work, I know! I have been doing it 4 nights a week and Saturday afternoons for Long Island's Carolyn McCarthy. I may have to skip it today as my suddenly old feeling body is revolting. (No it doesn't look bad, it's just angry!)
Keep it up my friend and good luck!