04 October 2010

Taking to the Streets and the Pitch

I've been continuing my political canvassing work lately. It's going well, and things are picking up with the election just under one month away. Should be real interesting.
On 21 Sept., I ran the IPMS Gateway meeting, which had a wrap up of the Invitational held 10 days before. We had three people at our meeting for the first time, and it appears all three decided to join our club. Great to hear!
A weekend of contrasts followed this meeting. Friday night the 24th, I was in the audience at Forest Park Community College for the forum of 3rd Congressional District candidates. I and others lent our support to incumbent Russ Carnahan, while others supported opponent Ed Martin. At least it was rather peaceful.
The next night, I went to a party on the terrace of Pointe 400, the former Pet building in downtown St. Louis. It was a nice time, and I got in some dancing until the rains came, when we had to move the party indoors. A couple asked me early on to hang with them, and I did, even to a brief after party at a west St. Louis nightspot. I felt hung over from the alcolol (plus some congestion in my sinus area), but otherwise got home OK. A feww hours later, I was refereeing soccer at St. Louis U. High. My three games included a middle on an under-14 boys' Midwest Regional League match. They went well.
I hosted the IPMS Gateway business meeting on Tue., 28 September, where we planned the October meeting and discussed other club business. The Invitational was discussed at some length with suggestions offered to improve on it, successful as it was.
Friday night, I went to the Mehlville High Homecoming football game, for the first half. (The Panthers were losing big at that point.) When I got home, I had a message about two brief editorials for a new magazine that needed an edit right away. I got those done within 15 minutes and send them back. Looking forward to this new magazine that comes out later this month.
Sunday morning, I took the annual soccer referee fitness test at Parkway Northeast Middle School. I passed all three components: covered about 2100 meters in the 12-minute run; ran the 50-meter dash in about 7 seconds; and, ran the 200-meter dash in about 37 seconds. A bit sore afterward, but satisfied to get this done and to be one step closer to recertification for another year.
That's it for now. Off to canvass again tonight. Later.

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Melissa said...

That is great to hear that you are finding time for soccer coaching, despite everything else you have going on. I thought you might find this interesting as a soccer coach: