25 February 2011

What's Happening with the Weather?

This morning, I woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. This only five days after temperatures touched 70 degrees F.
Go figure.
Had some futsal games last weekend. Season's ending this weekend -- I have games tomorrow night. It's been pretty good, considering I (and my colleagues) had to learn a few new laws of futsal and it took a while to get used to them. It will be glad to be outside, though, and I have some games Sunday. (I had some scheduled for tomorrow, but they were called off. Perhaps concern over the weather.)
Tuesday, I can the IPMS/Gateway business meeting, hosted by Marion Morris. It was fine, as we planned out the March meeting and discussed some other business. Wednesday, I bought a car kit to do for the May contest and its Anything Yellow special category. Should be interesting. Already been gathering reference info on this subject.
I'm off to a trivia night in Oakville tonight. My referee assocation is hosting the event, which benefits the Disabled Athlete Sports Association (DASA). I'll let you know how it goes in my next post here.

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