09 March 2011

Sorry It's Been Awhile,...

The trivia night on Fri., 25 Feb. at Andre's was a good night. Especially, because the team I was on repeated as champion, getting 75 of 100 questions correct. Some of these were more challenging than last year, but I was able to help as much as I could with my tablemates. The big winners, though, were the Disabled Athlete Sports Association (DASA), which receives the proceeds from this event.
Wrapped up my season of refereeing futsal on Sat. night, 26 February. That was OK. Worked the start of the spring outdoor season the next day, and did more games the following weekend (5-6 March). Going fine so far, although the weather has been on a major up-and-down trip the past two weeks.
Ran the IPMS/St. Louis meeting on 1 March at Thornhill Branch Library. We showed off a few models completed or in the works. I have three models in various stages of construction, all aimed at the May IPMS/Gateway meeting's contest. More on those in future posts.
Last week, I proofread some more pages for my one friend's workplace. I went through the batch over three days. No major glitches were found; just a few minor grammar and punctuation issues.
Last night, I was at Amini's Rugs & Game Room in Chesterfield for the monthly Yellow Tie networking event. It was nice, meeting a few people there for the first time and (hopefully) getting a step closer to finding a job. Then, I went to the Barnes & Noble store in Chesterfield that I worked at just over four years ago to browse and enjoy cheesecake and coffee in the cafe. Also chatted with a colleague from when I worked there, who's still there. She told me she's one of the few people left from when that store opened back in mid-2006.
That's it for now. Later.

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