26 May 2011

Dodging Storms

We had some stormy weather here late yesterday afternoon into early last night. It rained, there were high winds, and a bit of hail (about acorn-size, I estimate) fell. Fortunately, there was no damage I could tell and the worst of this weather passed us by. I wish I could say the same about the folks in Joplin, Missouri last Sunday -- they got hit real hard by that tornado. My thoughts and prayers go out to those folks.

Friday night, I enjoyed a bit of Stress Free Fridays at The In Spot in the East Delmar Loop area. I've been there a few times before and I enjoyed a nice time hanging with the SFF crowd.

Youth league soccer's spring season ended last weekend. I had three games Saturday morning at Mehlville High and three more Sunday morning at Oakville High. The games generally went well, although in my middle at Mehlville, I dismissed a coach for irresponsible behavior in the last minute. (He bitterly protested his player that went down in the opposition penalty area getting cautioned for unsporting behavior [simulation]. The match was tied at that point.) However, things went well, although my left heel still feels the effects of worn away padding in my shoe. Hopefully, it will be better in time for refereeing men's games Sunday morning.

On a sadder note, my friend Bob Burgess from IPMS/Gateway died from pneumonia a week ago at age 71. He was laid out Sunday afternoon in St. Charles and I drove out there to pay my last respects. Bob was buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery Monday afternoon. (He was a US Air Force and Air National Guard pilot.) Several mates from IPMS/Gateway and the Missouri Aviation Historical Society were on hand at the funeral home. Bob was best known to me for presenting the aircraft recognition contest at the December IPMS/Gateway meetings for several years. I usually did real good at that one. (I took the photo of Bob -- in the white shirt -- in 1994, when he helped man IPMS/Gateway's display at the Scott Air Force Base Open House.)

I've had something most nights this week. Monday, it was the monthly soccer referee clinic at Grand Glaize Library, where we had a talk on what assessors look for in referees during matches. Tuesday late afternoon, there was the monthly conference call of the Naturally Autistic ANCA publications and radio staff. That night, I was at Larry Ehret's apartment in south St. Louis running the IPMS/Gateway business meeting.

Yesterday's stormy weather caused postponement of the Missouri Aviation Historical Society meeting in Clayton; it will be held on Wed., 8 June. This morning, I was in Richmond Heights for the first meeting of the public relations committee of the 2011 International Institute's Festival of Nations. (The festival -- a multi-ethnic event featuring food, crafts, and entertainment -- will be at St. Louis' Tower Grove Park 27-28 August.) Two others were present; another two weren't there for various reasons. You'll be hearing more about this Festival in the weeks ahead.

Tonight, I'm off to a business networking event in south St. Louis. Hopefully, this will be worthwhile.

I wish you fellow Americans a very happy Memorial Day weekend. Let's remember those who died for this country and to pray for peace.


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