19 May 2011

Finding Sunshine Among the Clouds

Last Thursday, 12 May, I went to O.B. Clark's, a sports bar in Brentwood, Missouri, for a book signing. George Vescey, sports columnist for The New York Times, was there to sign his latest book, "Stan Musial: An American Life." I went there to buy a copy for my Dad (his 87th birthday was on the 14th) and for Vescey to sign it. He did, along with books for many others there at the event. It was hosted by St. Louis United FC, a soccer viewing support group. (The photo shows Vescey, at left, with Tom Schwarz, head of St. Louis United FC.) I mentioned to Vescey about a column he wrote during the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Korea and Japan, in which he stated his opinion that refereeing soccer was the toughest officiating job in sports. Vescey remembered it and said he still agreed with that assessment. I told him as a youth and amateur referee that I agree fully with that statement. He asked if I think there should be a second referee on the field, and I replied that I think that would ruin the unity of decision that makes soccer good, but I added that augmentation -- be it goal line technology or additional officials by each goal to act as goal judge -- would be a good thing. I gave the book to my Dad and he really liked that gesture. He's started to read the book and is liking it a lot so far.

Last weekend, rain fell during my officiated games -- three Saturday morning and early afternoon at St. Louis U. High, and four Sunday afternoon and early evening at Mehlville High. Fortunately, both venues had artificial turf, so field conditions weren't a real concern. The games went well. I have more games on artificial turf this weekend.

Last Monday (16 May), I interviewed for a part time job at a bookstore in Fenton. It would be to work in the store's music and video section four about 15 hours a week, mostly nights and weekends. I think the interview with that section's manager went well, and I should hear back from her in the next day or so if I got this job. It would be a nice way to earn some money while I try to find something else full time.

Tuesday night (17 May), I ran the IPMS/Gateway meeting at Calvary Presbyterian Church. It went well, with a good turnout (about 30 models) in the quarterly contest. There were seven entries in the Anything Yellow special category (including my 1969 Camaro Z-28). We also had a build night, so I got a bit of work in on the P-51 I'm doing for next month's Same Kit Contest.

This rain and sunshine alternating weather of late does my sinuses no favors. I worry about major allergy problem this spring and summer, with all the rain we've had here lately.


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