10 June 2011

Work at Home and Feeling the Money Blues

A week ago today, 3 June, I started major editing and fact checking work on a history book by a local author. I won't tell you the details on this until it's published, but I got it virtually all done today. I have one last question out to the author today, but once it's answered and included in the edited manuscript, it's ready to return to the author. It was quite a fine book to work on. Not too challenging for me, for the most part.

I went to Over Under bar in downtown St. Louis for Stress Free Fridays that night, as the group celebrated its 7th anniversary. I've been with them for two years. Had a nice time there.

The next day had me in south St. Louis, at Amsterdam Tavern, to join the watch party for the USA-Spain friendly in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The defending World Cup winners cruised to a 4-0 win over the Americans, but it looks like the Stars and Stripes put that behind them this week as the CONCACAF Gold Cup got going here in the USA. The Americans beat Canada 2-0 on Tuesday, and play Panama tomorrow night. Should be good.

Last Sunday afternoon (5 June), I co-hosted Writers Block, a new monthly Naturally Autistic Radio program carried over Blog Talk Radio. I was on the phone for the hour talking about how having Asperger's syndrome has affected my approach to editing, and the other panelists' writing work. It came out very well, I thought. Will let you know when the next show comes on. In the meantime, you can find out about this and other Naturally Autistic Radio programs at http://www.naturallyautistic.com/radio-show/.

It's been real hot this week here in St. Louis, with temperatures hitting 95 degrees F (35 degrees C). It's cooled down a bit today, but some thunderstorms are hitting this area this weekend.

Last Monday night (7 June) started three consecutive nites out. The Human Sexuality and Relationships Meetup group got together in Sunset Hills for dinner on Monday. It was nice seeing these people for the first time in a few weeks and talking about our personal relationships. I gave a lift home to a new member of this group, who lacked a car and had to catch the bus to come down from Olivette.

I ran the IPMS/St. Louis meeting Tuesday night at Thornhill Branch Library. I renewed my membership for another year, and I was unanimously retained as president for 2011-12. Also talked with a colleague about doing a simple club newsletter, and got some ideas for it.

Wednesday night, I was in downtown Clayton for the Missouri Aviation Historical Society meeting, which was nice. Saw some people including a new member who said he's an aviation writer who's also starting his own publishing firm. I chatted with him and let him know I'm an experienced editor, and he said he'd keep me in mind for any editing help.

Right now, I can use some financial help. Not having paid work lately means I'm really dipping into my savings just to get bills paid minimally. I should be getting payment soon on some recent proofreading work, which should help a bit. It's been so frustrating of late. I did apply yesterday online for a pair of editing and writing openings I saw. I just hope something good happens to me real soon.

Before I go, I can report good news in our family. I'm an uncle again, as my brother Brian's wife Gretchen gave birth to a boy. Name of the boy is to be announced, but he'll join big sister Rowan in their household. Congratulations!


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