16 June 2011

An Edit Job Done Well

Late last week, I completed the copy edit, proofreading, and fact checking contract job on a book manuscript. It was a history book written by a woman who had, with her husband, played with me in a trivia night a few weeks ago. I returned the edited manuscript to her, on both a hard copy and a file saved on a thumb drive, last Tuesday morning in Chesterfield. She was very appreciative of my efforts (this was her first book, although she had written several magazine articles before), and said that should make it easier when she turns this over to her publisher. I'll withhold further details on this until it's published.

Took in a conference call with the Naturally Autistic ANCA magazine and radio show staff last Friday night. We have things going you'll hear about in due course. I ushered in church last Sunday morning, the first time in about two months, and it went well.

Got some painting and decaling done on my P-51 Mustang model, which should be completed in time for this Tuesday's IPMS/Gateway meeting. It will be my entry in the Same Kit Contest. (Info at http://ipms-gateway.com) Hope to see you there.

Speaking of IPMS/Gateway, I wrote my column last Monday for the newsletter, and yesterday I ran off some flyers for our Invitational on 10 September and delivered them to Checkered Flag Hobby Country and Schaeffer's Hobby Shop.

This morning, I met a bank executive for coffee at a St. Louis Bread Company location in Town & Country. He and I connected through LinkedIn, and he wanted to know more about me and my career aspirations. He had some ideas to help.

Tonight, I'm off to the St. Louis United FC dinner meeting in U. City, and Sunday morning I'm back refereeing soccer in downtown St. Louis. Yes, my heel's much better now.

Before I go, I took some photos of myself this morning to use on my social networking sites. Some of those photos I have been using for my profiles date back to last November, and I feel I need something more up to date.


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