27 July 2011

Trying to Feel Up Lately

That business networking event I went to last Thursday night (21 July) at Cabanne House in St. Louis went well, although the turnout seemed lower than last year. Maybe this was due to the great heat. I did meet a few people for the first time and maybe get a good connection or two from it.

Last weekend was rather quiet. No games to do (I was glad of that!) and not much else happening. Just chilled out (literally).

Thanks to a high school classmate's tip, I applied on Monday with a university in this area for a marketing position. In that case, I went on their web site and filled out the application there. Hope to hear back from them soon. My classmate also sent me listings for other jobs she feels I would be good for. I will check those out in the next few days.

Yesterday, I drove to Crystal City, Missouri at midday to the district office of my congressman, Russ Carnahan. I wanted to speak to his staff about the current debt ceiling impasse and wanting the congressman to not support plans that hurt the lower and middle classes and not have the upper classes pay their fair share. The office was closed, though, so I left a letter in the mailbox by the front door. (I couldn't slip it under the door.) While there, I also met for the first time Bunnie Gronborg, who I had known through Facebook and who was also a supporter of progressive causes. It was good for Bunnie and I to have that short chat.

A couple of hours later, I met my Mehlville High classmate Llynda Combs-Walker, who was in town this week from her home in Virginia. We had a great hour-long conversation at the St. Louis Bread Co. location in Mehlville and got caught up on things. I told her of my situation of late (between jobs, little money, no love life), but Llynda was very reassuring in her words of encouragement and wisdom for me. She also said she's looking forward to our class' 30-year reunion next year.

I made the long drive early last night to Doug Barton's house in Foristell, Missouri for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting he was hosting. A rather low turnout, due to various personal matters for several board members, but we got some productive business done, including planning next month's general meeting.

This afternoon, I made the long drive to O'Fallon, Missouri (about 3/4 of the way to Foristell) to a going away party at Llywelyn's Pub. Tom Doll, Lake St. Louis resident and aviation historian, was moving to the western US to take care of a sick relative. Several of us in the Missouri Aviation Historical Society, which Tom co-founded, threw this party to wish him well with the hope that circumstances will permit Tom's return to our area in a few months. A good time was had by all.

I'll post this, then get back to watching the MLS All-Star Game on TV. The All-Stars are facing Manchester United at Red Bull Arena. Should be interesting.


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