21 July 2011

A Heat Up and a Come Down

It's been real warm in St. Louis lately, to say the least. Temperatures this week have hit 100 degrees F (37.8 degrees C), with heat indices topping 100 F. I sure felt that heat last weekend while refereeing. I worked two under-17 girls games Saturday morning (16 July) in St. Charles, part of a college showcase tournament. The second game I worked--which started at 11 am-- had water breaks midway through each half, so players and officials could get some water or sports drink before resuming play. That was most appreciated. Sunday afternoon, I was at DeSoto Park in St. Louis for two men's games. No water breaks there, and it was hotter than the day before, but my colleagues and I were well-hydrated and felt no ill effects. While working those games Sunday, I missed seeing the FIFA Women's World Cup final on TV, but we found out through a colleague's smartphone that Japan beat the USA on penalties after drawing in extra time. Still, a good run by the USA women.

This past Monday, the temp agency e-mailed me to say I didn't get the technical writing job I interviewed for one week before. The message said the client praised my preparedness for the interview and how I performed during the interview, but decided to go with another candidate for this project. I thanked the agency for the kind words and asked them to keep me in mind for future projects.

I'm off to a business networking event tonight at Cabanne House in St. Louis' Forest Park. Hopefully, I can make a few new connections there that can help me in my career project.

Tuesday night, I ran the IPMS/Gateway meeting, after making sure the meeting room was cool enough for the attendees. It was our annual Slam Fest, where participants had two hours to assemble and finish a model, which would then be judged by a popular vote of attendees. There were six models completed and entered, including my A6M2 Zero. Although I didn't place in the top three, it was fun to do. I did win in a silent auction of kits donated to us, with two aircraft kits won for $1 each. Also, our new club shirts arrived. I ordered two of them, and changed into the gray one just prior to calling the meeting to order. They came out real good and I'm going to really enjoy wearing these shirts at club functions and out-of-town shows.

It appears that Mehlville High's Class of 1982--mine--will have a 30-year reunion next year. At least that's being discussed by myself and some of my classmates on Facebook. A planning meeting in September should help this reunion start to take shape.

Hope you all take care. Stay cool! Later.

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